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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Enroll

Will you register me for the LSAT?

We’d like to, but LSAC requires everyone to register on their own. You can do so at

How much does the course cost?

The Live LSAT Course is $1395, and the Hybrid LSAT Course is $995.

How do I enroll?

You can enroll online or call us at (202) 680-4561.

Is there a deadline to enroll?

Although there is no deadline to enroll, seats are limited, depending on the room reserved for your class. For this reason, classes often fill up before they start. To see which classes are still open, visit our list of class schedules here:

Class Schedules

Can I reserve my seat?

Yes. You can reserve your seat for $100, which is refundable. If you decide to cancel one week before the class begins, we will refund your deposit.

The remaining balance is due one week before the class begins. You can pay the remaining balance with cash, a check, or a credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you mail a check, please make it out to “Strategy Prep.”

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. When you enroll, you can select a payment plan, which is three payments, once a month. If you'd like to set up your own payment schedule, email us or call us at (202) 680-4561. When you enroll with a payment plan (or pay in full), we'll give access to our pre-class homework so you can start studying now.

What is your refund policy?

Because we reserve rooms based on class size before each class begins, we need to know how many students will be attending at least one week in advance. For this reason, to cancel your registration and get a refund, please contact us at least one week before your class is scheduled to start. After that, we cannot issue any refunds.

What You Get

What makes Strategy different?

Read feedback from former students here or on Google+:

Do I have to buy any other materials?

No. Everything you need is included with the course.

How do I start studying?

When you enroll, if you start an automatic payment plan or pay in full, we'll give you Premium access to LSAT Demon (normally $195 per month). You don’t need to start studying before the class begins, but it is a good way to get ahead if you have 15-30 minutes a day now.

What is the Admissions Workshop?

In the workshop, an experienced law school admissions consultant will give you the behind-the-scenes perspective of a law school admissions committee:

  • Who actually reviews my application?
  • What drives their priorities?
  • What should I include in my personal statement?
  • Should I write a diversity statement? If so, what should I write about?
  • What should I highlight in my resume?
  • When and how should I address a low GPA?
  • What’s the best way to ask for recommendation letters? And who should I ask?
  • How many schools should I apply to?
  • What are my chances of getting in?
  • What should I do if I’m waitlisted? And what’s a hold?

What Happens in Class

How big are your classes?

Seats are limited, depending on the room reserved for your class. Most classes have about 25-35 students. To help everyone get the individual attention they need, we offer extra help sessions on Thursday nights.

Can I attend a class to see what it’s like?

Yes. Sign up here or call us at (202) 680-4561:

Attend a Free Class

Is there anything I should do before the first day of class?

Although you don’t need to do anything before class, we will give you Premium access to LSAT Demon if you want to start studying now. Even just 15-30 minutes per day can make a big difference. To get access, just make sure to pay in full or to start a payment plan when you enroll.

How much time should I spend studying outside of class?

How much you should study partly depends on how quickly you grasp the material, but we’d recommend aiming for about 1-3 hours per day or about 14 hours per week. In reality, some people will need more than this while others will need less.

Missing a Class

How can I make up a missed class?

We record all the lessons so you can watch them online later. You can ask follow-up questions at the Extra Help sessions or by calling or emailing your instructor. If you’re going to miss a test, you can take it online at any time.

Here's a sample:

How can I make up a missed practice exam?

Practice tests are easy to make up. You can take it online at any time.

How can I get more help?

On Thursday nights, we hold Extra Help sessions. These optional sessions are like small-group tutoring sessions. You can ask about anything that you’re struggling with, study on your own, or just sit back and listen. The point of these sessions is to give you plenty of opportunities to review previous lessons, homework challenges, and practice exams.

Feel free to also email your instructor with questions at any time.

Retaking a Class

Is there a discount if I decide to take the course again?

Yes, you will get a $200 discount.

How do I receive this discount?

If you decide to retake the class, just email us and we’ll add you to the roster.

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Taking the Online Class

How does the “hybrid” class work?

The “hybrid” class is all online, but you’re welcome to attend the extra help sessions and the proctored exams in person if you want to do so.

To give you the most recent preparation available for the next LSAT, we will record all the lessons in the current class for you to watch online as soon as they’re available. Each lesson will be posted online the day after it’s recorded.

Sample Lesson  —  from a previous semester:

The videos in this sample lesson are from the first lesson of the live course from a previous semester. You will have access to the videos from the most current class.

What events can I attend in person with the hybrid class?

Although you’ll watch the lessons online, you can attend the extra help sessions on Thursday nights and the proctored exams on Saturdays in person.

Class Schedules

What's included with the hybrid class?

You will get all the same materials and online tools as the live course. Both classes also get access to the same virtual events—virtual help sessions and virtual exams.

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